Input and Output Chokes

Common-Mode Chokes

PFC Chokes

Single-Phase Filters

Three-Phase Filters

Current Transformers

Pulse Transformers

Gate Drive Transformers

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Selection of designs for component categories


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Power Transformers

High Current Transformers

PFC Chokes



Application-specific designs for magnetic components
in power electronics

Current Transformers

Pulse Transformers

Gate Drive Transformers

Common-Mode Chokes

Planar Transformers

High Current Inductors

Renewable Energies





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Prax designs and manufactures customised inductive
components and EMC filters for power electronics applications,
mainly present in the following markets:


Inductors and Transformers

Input and Output Chokes, Power and Common-Mode Chokes, Pulse, Current, SMPS and Planar Transformers


Single and Three-Phase EMC Filters, dV/dt Filters, DC Filters

We are glad to announce our assistance to PCIM Europe 2021, to be held in Nürnberg during May 4th-6th.

About Us

PRAX focus is to offer a world-class service, support and design for Inductive Components and EMC Filters in the field of Power Electronics.

PRAX core competences are magnetic components and EMC filters technologies, offering a high level of customization possibilities combined with a comprehensive range of standard components series. With a special focus on design support to our customers engineering, prototypes and specifications are released in a short lead-time.

Global customers need global solutions. Besides our outstanding design support, PRAX wants to be a strategic partner by means of offering global service. With a multi-site manufacturing approach (Spain and China), PRAX offers flexible operations, allowing to build-up customized supply chains according to customer requirements.

With our long experience in design and industrialization of inductive components and EMC filters, PRAX offers services based on component design, cost analysis and materials election, and pre-industrialization analysis.


PRAX focus is for strong R&D support. Our engineering team optimise your inductive component, either from well defined parameters or your own component specification. Specific design software tools are available.


Quick-turn functional samples are provided in order to test our developments. Smooth transition is assured to production series.


Custom designs are industrialised in the most optimal manner. Winding technology is chosen specially for every component. Manual operations or fully automated with special solutions.


Large quantity projects, even for non-standard solutions, can be automated with special solutions.


Customized mechanical mounting solutions, vacuum impregnation, tailored bobbins or plastic housings are part of our component design.


100% of samples, trials and production components are tested mechanically and electrically. Under request or in a need-basis, component production control plans are implemented.

Latest news

PCIM 2021

We are glad to announce our assistance to PCIM Europe 2021, to be held in Nürnberg during May 4th-6th.

PCIM Europe (Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion) is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management. PRAX plan is to conslidate presence in Germany and other central-european markets…