HERVER-9, SL is the company behind PRAX. In 2011, a group of experienced professionals decided to establish their own project for offering a new value proposal for Inductive Components and EMC filters for Power Applications to the market. PRAX is the brand that HERVER-9 created and developed to serve this purpose, product lines and industrial and automotive markets.

A very significant part of the initial project investment was the creation of HERVER-9, SL subsidiary PRAX JIANGYIN CO.LTD. Located in Wuxi, greater Shanghai area, PRAX Jiangyin has been the manufacturing location and sourcing center for PRAX operations.

Besides PRAX, HERVER-9, SL has other projects and investments, basically and mainly for helping and assessing added-value proposals in the field of air cleaning and purification technologies. AIRQUALITY and CTA International are the main examples of such activity within HERVER-9. Focus, activity driver and recurrent turnover generator has always been PRAX, though.