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At Prax we are a team committed to delight clients through proximity, intimacy, excellence in the development of their projects.

At Prax we are a team committed to delight clients through proximity, intimacy, excellence in the development of their projects.

We define our company as diverse, dynamic and easy to work with based on our highly competent team of experts in the engineering and technical support for the development of power electronic components.

At PRAX, we strive to be viewed as a company with the energetic, dynamic and innovative culture of a young company in the 21st Century and leveraging these attributes with proven experience and technical expertise in the design and manufacturing of power inductive components based on the 25+ years of experience by the founders/partners of PRAX.


From our headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, PRAX’s Sales Team and R&D Engineers advise and work closely with our customers and partners around the world in numerous markets such as Electro-mobility, Healthcare, Renewable Energies and Automotive and many more.

Our factory

PRAX's factory is designed around the principles of offering maximum flexibility, excellence in operations and always with the mindset of adhering to the highest quality standards and practices (ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949).

CSR & Ethics

Since the founding of our company more than ten years ago, integrity, transparency, fair treatment and full compliance with all applicable laws and standards have guided our management and business practices. Sustainability is a key element that permeates all of our activities and is as a key part of our commitment to our contributions in building a better and world and a better society.

PRAX is committed to creating a more sustainable world and a more diverse society and contributing to this through all of our operations. PRAX implements this commitment based upon these three fundamental axis:

1. The relationships and ecosystems we develop with our business partners

Throughout this value chain, from our suppliers to our customers and their end customers, PRAX is committed to respecting and adhering to the expectations of each enterprise in terms of sustainability, guaranteeing purchasing of sustainable supplies and materials, providing solutions that help our customers achieve their product sustainability goals and acting ethically in all facets of the value chain.

2. People:

PRAX is committed to its people in each community where we operate with respect to human rights and in our quest for diversity, equal opportunities and well-being and to promote health and talent development.

3. Environment

PRAX is committed to minimizing the environmental impact for all of our operations and being a recognized key participant in our business sector that contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. To help achieve this, our primary contributions will be to continue developing innovative solutions that assist our customers in developing products that will help electrify the world.

The ethical principles that guide this commitment are included in our Code of Ethics.


The aims of our Code of Ethics are:

  • To reinforce the values ​​that constitute the hallmarks of our company.
  • To facilitate the fundamental principles of this code to guide the conduct of our professionals in the development of their activity.
  • To guarantee the ethical and responsible behaviour of our professionals in the development of their functions and within our environment.

The Code of Ethics does not cover all possible cases and situations, but rather establishes the criteria to guide employees’ conduct in our company.

Commitment to employees, human rights and labor

To act with absolute respect for the labor laws in force in all Prax facilities regardless of their geographical location. Adherence and respect to the United Nations' global pact and the declarations of the international labor organization .
To guarantee legal hiring and working conditions (child avoidance, working hours, wages and benefits,...) in accordance with the established and current legislation in each country where our companies are established .

Health and safety at work

Protection of our employees’ integrity and health through an occupational health and safety policy, based on strict compliance with all regulations, training and the preventive management of occupational risks. Commitment to providing our employees with the necessary resources so they can carry out their duties safely and in a healthy environment.

Treatment of confidential information

We value and protect our confidential information and respect the confidential information of third parties.
Ethical supplier relations
our employees' relations with our suppliers will be guided exclusively by the criteria of objectivity, impartiality and equal opportunities, avoiding any favoritism or interference of conflicts of interest in their choosing.

Ethical commercial relations

We compete fairly and carry out our activities based solely on quality and competence, and complying with industry norms in competitive situations.

Conflicts of interest, business opportunities and other activities

Prax's employees will be responsible for communicating the existence of possible conflicts of interest that may exist between themselves —or persons related to them— to their respective superiors and the company.

Guaranteeing quality in management

to apply the processes defined by the company to reach goals in carrying out our activities.
To develop teams and talent to create and maintain a working environment in which people feel a professional and personal commitment to working and giving their best. It will additionally be an objective, to create future leaders and managers and the commitment to train them in all areas that will allow them to advance in their post and expand their abilities.
To encourage a positive and collaborative working environment that facilitates a transparent exchange of ideas, mutual support, and information shared in an open, reciprocal manner with sufficient rigor allowing us to act and decide.
To carry out a constructive and non-penalizing treatment of “error”. Given the existence of errors, an approach is implemented that leads to eliminating the causes and avoiding their repetition.

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities

We encourage diversity and respect for our employees’ personal dignity:
the management of our employees and the relationship between them must always stem from respect for people’s dignity and rights.
All our company’s employees must be treated with respect, ensuring that the working environment is positive, that a work-life balance is an option, and that professional development is one of our pillars.
Our company respects the dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every employee and is committed to maintaining a workplace free of discrimination or harassment. As such, employees must not discriminate with respect to origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or sexual orientation, nor must they engage in any type of verbal or physical harassment based on the aforementioned or for any other reason.


We carry out our activities with respect for the environment, complying with  established standards and  regulation. Commitment to sustainable development, which is based on the implementation of policies that allow us to identify the environmental effects generated by each of our activities with the aim of minimizing their impact on the environment.

Quality policies

PRAX develops a Process Based Management System according to ISO9001 and IATF16949, to reach a leading position in the market of custom inductive electronic products for industrial and automotive sector, starting with the total commitment of corporate and local management. The principles of the Prax Quality Policy are:

PRAX develops a Process Based Management System according to ISO9001 and IATF16949, to reach a leading position in the market of custom inductive electronic products for industrial and automotive sector, starting with the total commitment of corporate and local management. The principles of the Prax Quality Policy are:


  • Customer Satisfaction: The organization is oriented to meet the expectations of each client. There is a commitment to understand and meet all current and future requirements. We offer innovative and quality products tailored to the needs of our customers.
  • Corporate Responsibility: PRAX is fully committed to lead a management with professional ethics, employee codes of conduct and anti-bribery policies. We are committed to compliance of rules and legislation in all areas of our activity.
  • Risk Analysis: A risk analysis is performed for all processes in the organization, establishing actions for risks that are valued as significant, so that they are included in a Contingency Plan.
  • Participation, motivation and training of staff: Our staff is the fundamental pillar of the present and future of the organization, so all its activities must be carried out with respect and dignity, promoting gender equality and opportunities. Performance and commitment should be enhanced, and concerns assessed. All staff must actively participate in continuous improvement plans to ensure product quality and process efficiency, being personally responsible for the quality of their work. This will motivate staff for teamwork and provide the necessary training to achieve the objectives set.
  • Supplier Development: PRAX will strive to constantly choose the right suppliers for our supply chain and develop and improve supplier relationships, helping them develop their management systems to meet our requirements, which include the requirements from our customers. The quality of the materials/products we purchase determines the quality of our products.
  • Prevention of Occupational Risks: PRAX is committed to eliminating or reducing the risks arising from work, protecting the safety and health of workers and conditioning jobs to people according to their needs.
  • Environment: The organization performs and promotes responsible management of activities, processes, and products with respect for the environment and pollution prevention, considering all stages of the life of the product and processes, from its initial design, manufacture, distribution and end use. PRAX maintains an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.
  • Continuous Improvement: Staff in the organization must actively participate in continuous improvement to optimize the processes pursuing higher levels of quality and efficiency. This is an expected natural part of every employee's job.
  • Communication: PRAX ensures smooth and effective communication with all stakeholders, establishing communication channels to address and respond to their requests and concerns.


With our company goal to design and produce solutions that meet or exceed our customers' requirements and please their end customer, PRAX applies demanding international standards to all of our internal and external processes.

In 2023 Prax gets first Automotive 16949 certification provided by the world class company certification company TÜV Rheinland. This is a result of company’s compromise with high quality standards required by Automotive sector.

ISO9001 Certification

Since 2013, Prax works in all company processes and products, according with ISO9001 Quality Management System.


ISO14001 Certification

Prax is also commited with the environmental protection according with ISO 14001, a system implemented and continuously maintained since 2016.


Fulfillment the RoHS , legal directive originated in the European Union to restrict the use of hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.


To ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment against harmful substances, our products are compliant with REACH EU regulation