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We are your
custom factory

We are your
custom factory

PRAX is committed to providing world-class service and support by working effectively with our clients/partners and providing the expertise critical to a successful project.

Customer focus, agility, flexibility and excellence in operations are shared values and goals between both the Barcelona HQ and the Wuxi production facility.

Our claim “we are you custom factory “ explains our commitment to the success of your projects

We focus on early involvement in new projects when the specifications, requirements and overall goals are being established. We like to be part of your project team as we consider is the best way to deliver innovative, high performance and cost effective solutions.


As we are a factory this early involvement assures that these solutions are designed with a realistic and affordable industrial point of view.


We enjoy working directly and openly with your engineers and technicians.

Our primary production facility located in Wuxi, China, with more than 300 employees, is organized with a primary goal of operational excellence and customer service with the key philosophy of “Custom as Standard”.
This mindset drives us to design and manufacture customer-specific solutions as though they are standard, off-the-shelf components
The factory


f / flexible

Adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing demands of the market and industry.

a / agile

We optimize processes, minimize waste, and streamline workflows to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

ct / customer

Our commitment to creating custom products goes beyond a mere manufacturing process; it is a collaborative journey with our customers.

ory / oriented

Our factory is oriented to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

It is conceived as a multi competencies center in order to assure we are able to answer satisfactory all the customer requirements whatever the technology or volume would be required.


Our production procedures are continuously being adapted incorporating  new technical competencies that allow us to propose estate of the art based solutions.


We are ready to answer with the same operative approach a big automotive project with hundred of thousands units as well an small or medium  quantities industrial project.

We automatize product when automatization is affordable but we are able alternatively to deliver the same solution and quantities in a full or partial manual procedure if the conditions require it. We are Customer focused, agile and very flexible.

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